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Sunday, March 06, 2016

We celebrate 80

Family member who could, gathered last Sunday evening 
to celebrate Rick's mom's 80th birthday 
I have know this sweet lady for almost 40 years, I was welcomed and loved from the beginnning!
 She is the mom of my amazing husband,
and the grandma of my 3 children.
 I'm so thankful for her!

It was a small impromptu party, those that live in Rochester came to celebrate....
Those in attendance were Joanne's husband, her 3 adult children and their spouses. 
3 of her 6 grandchildren and spouse's, and 2 of her 3 great-grandchildren.

 Opening presents... It's hard to  buy for an eighty year old, they have everything, right?
Joanne loves to plant flowers so I found a magazine on container gardening (which she does) 
and a magazine featuring "English Gardens".  She will slowly page through them for weeks and ear-mark her favorite pages.

Talking with daughter Susan 

Carson must have something to say to auntie Julie. 

Audrey and Susan bringing in the cake, and the "Happy Birthday" song begins...

A little help with the candles please  :)

We are so blessed to still have all our parents with us, 
 and today, March 6th we say.....
Happy 80th Birthday Joanne.... We love you!


  1. So fun, what a milestone!

    1. Yes...80!!! My dad is next in July :)

  2. Happy 80th birthday, Joanne. What a lovely celebration and tribute to your dear mother-in-law, Jackie. These milestone birthdays are worth celebrating.

    1. She was so funny when she opened our card and saw the number "80", it was almost like she was surprised, ha!

  3. I can't imagine not having my grandparents, so glad I've gotten to enjoy them and have them in my life for so long and that my kids know them. Happy 80th Gran H!