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Wednesday, November 30, 2016

This boy...my hero

My little hero, so brave, and strong!

This post is a little long but I hope that you will read it and maybe learn a little about
 a disease that affects sooooo many, especially little ones, 
A disease that most know little about!
I know I didn't, Until.....

5 months ago my daughters family was turned upside down! 
While Brianna and the kids were on vacation at our cabin,
 little Carson just 4 years old became quite sick and was diagnosed with Type1 diabetes.
 I'm a nurse and so is my daughter, so when Carson had been exhibiting subtle symptoms, 
we talked to each other about the "what if"... it's diabetes.
 but then you quickly deny the possibility and say, Nooo, it can't be that! 

The symptoms....what are they you ask?
Carson's symptoms had started a week or so before the vacation,
 Brianna noticed that he was drinking and peeing A LOT.
He had lost a few pounds but easy to contribute that to an active boy.
He was hungry all the time.
He was moody & irritable, (so unlike Carson)!
The night before his diagnosis, he complained of a headache...
 4 year olds usually don't say, "My head hurts mamma"
The day of diagnosis.... increased lethargy, headache, then vomiting.... UGH!

The thing that made Rick and I most proud was the way Chris and Brianna so bravely handled this new diagnosis, it's such a scary thing, so much to learn and I mean LEARN FAST. They also had another child to care for, her needs were important as well, she was scared and worried, they kept her in the loop, and she's learning right along with the rest of us.

 Brianna and Chris are in the thick of it every single day, they live it every hour, 24 hours a day. 
There is no vacation from diabetes. They are amazing and are doing a great managing Carson's diabetes, learning as they go about a disease that has no boundaries!

Blood sugars are affected by so much! Illness, activity, temperature to name a few.
Your day (24 hours) centers around, carb counting, finger poking and insulin giving... 
I never knew how all encompassing it was.
Luckily Carson has a mommy & daddy who have kept life normal and fun!

Rick and I have read some books and are trying to learn as much as we can, we want to be educated and active in Carson's life!  For now we have learned how to check his blood sugar, we are learning about carb counting, what he can have for snacks and meals. Next step will be actually giving him insulin injections. Sigh,... do you know how many times I have given injections in my 35 years of nursing.... I can do it blindfolded, but you guys, this is different, this is my sweet grandchild!
It's only been 5 months, we want to get to this point so we can have the kids sleep over night at our house again... I miss that! As hard as it is, we want to be ALL-IN
We are getting there!   

We are thankful for Carson, our  hero!
 He is a brave, active, goofy, happy, thriving little boy. 
The facts will tell you that there is NO CURE, but I will not stop hoping for one!
 I also believe in a God of miracles, you never know... 
Praying for a miracle!


  1. Oh Mama, thanks for the sweet blog, the daily November posts and overall the incredible support that you and Dad are to us. There's just no way to say thank you enough. The way you love Carson is no surprise, because it comes easy to you, but it means everything! Thanks you for being involved and being so loving enough to spend time learning more about Type I right along with us. So thankful you were with me on the drive to and at the ER on that horrible day and every day since. We love you! ❤️

    1. Love you too sweet girl. We will always be there for you, Chris, Audrey and Carson!

  2. What a brave boy Carson is and what a loving family. But I would expect no different. Miracles do happen and advances are made in medicine all the time. I believe, too.

    1. Thanks Audrey, you are such a dear friend!

  3. Beautiful words. Carson is an amazing boy and the family that surrounds him (you included) have that same title of Hero in my book. Thank you for the posts you made through November to bring more awareness to Type 1. I have many family members who also have Type 1 Diabetes and you have helped me have a glimpse into their lives. I am thankful to know more about it in hopes of supporting you all in this journey. We love you all.

    1. Thank you Miranda, you are the best! Love you!