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Sunday, July 23, 2017

Hemmer Cabin vacation 2017 Part #2 "Activites on the lake"

We spend a lot of time on the lake here at the cabin. 
The kids love swimming and playing in the sand!
We have a lovely beach and lots of sand toys so they could play for hours and hours.

"Fishing with Grandma" is another thing that I especially love to do with my grands
I love to teach them to be patient for the bite. 
They are good listeners and had some luck this year.
Even little Scarlett caught a sunny.

I love this little squatter.... He caught 2 fish his last morning at the cabin.

Then there's just plain goofing off by young and old(er)

 Audrey jumping off the end of the dock.

 Lewin's fist summer at the cabin, he loves hanging out with Grandpa.

 Sweet Scarlett

Rick (and Gavin) going out for a kayak ride

 Scarlett with Brice

Our boat is big enough to accommodate all 10 of us. 

 Jennifer and the littles up front 

 Lewin and grandma take a seat in the middle

 and of course the classic shot of grandpa with the littles driving the boat.

 Here are a few bonus shots of our family at the lake...

 Grandpa and Scarlett

 Brianna and her littles

 Lewin's float.... just enjoying his float on the lake

 A little Grandpa time.

Audrey and Brianna tubing 
Carson, Rick and Gavin.... the drivers

Hope you enjoyed our little adventure at the lake. 
It was such a great time filled with memories, and fun-filled days that we will always cherish.


  1. Oh, Jackie, I thought I could choose a favorite image. But I can't. You, my friend, hold an incredible talent for capturing moments of family love and joy. Scrolling through these photos was pure joy. Thank you for sharing your beautiful family with us.

    1. Thank you Audrey, It was hard to choose the photo's that I wanted to post, I have so so many and I love them all!

    2. Feel free to share more.

  2. Looks like some wonderful memories were made! Nothing like have the entire family together!!

    1. Yep, sounds like you are doing about the same this week in Michigan....have fun. I'm enjoying the Instagram photo's that are being posted :)

  3. The picture of Audrey fishing ... she is like a mix of Brianna and Kelli!!!