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Monday, November 27, 2017

Where's the snow?

This scene does not look like a typical late November day.
I would have hoped to have snow on the ground by now, 
but I guess it's just going to be late in coming. 
Today was a great day for hanging out the clothes & sheets, it was breezy and warm(ish)

It's not often I hang clothes out this late in the year, only because once the snow is on the ground it just makes it difficult to get out to the clothes line. You see it's out and around the back side of the house with a little trek up a small hill, making it difficult to navigate. 
I love hanging my clothes out to dry....anyone else?


  1. What a lovely image! I don't hang clothes out anymore (HOA rules) but do occasionally hang a few things on hangers on the back of chairs on the back deck. :-) I am sure I am not even supposed to do that but the smell of air dried clothes is so wonderful, isn't it? The whole process of hanging clothes out is a therapeutic event as well sometimes. Glad you have some snow free days still to be able to do this. Lovely image.

    1. Thanks Beth Ann, you are so right about it being therapeautic! Hoping for a couple more “hanging sessions” before the snow flies, then I will just sit back and enjoy the snow.

  2. You know I love to hang out the laundry. My lines were also jammed yesterday, an ideal drying day with that strong wind. Occasionally I will hang out laundry in the winter. But I need only step out my back door and onto the patio to hang mine. No long trek like you.

    The snow will come.

  3. I'm OK with snow as long as it doesn't affect travel.