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Saturday, January 27, 2018

Taking advantage of a mild winter day....

Yesterday Rick and I got an itch to "get out of dodge" and do some road tripping.
We decided on one of our favorite destinations... Redwing MN
Not too far away and always beautiful no matter the season.
The bluffs of Redwing from Colville park

Not only is the landscape site to behold but the eagle populating is abundant. 
I dont have one of those 2 foot lenses to pop on my camera to get the 
close ups with awesome clarity, but my camera does ok for amateur shooting.

It was 42 degrees but rather windy, still an awesome afternoon! 
Just a sweatshirt and some boots for some light hiking 


Going in for the kill
 Got him! (a small fish)
We watched this eagle  swoop-in and grab a fish out of the water,
 then proceed to a very tall tree to indulge in his afternoon snack. 



  1. Anonymous9:57 AM

    I hope you took time to Dine at the Smokin Oak Restaurant in Red Wing. One of the best places to eat in Minnesota! It was a nice day to go out driving in our Winter Wonder Land, called Minnesota.

    1. I wish I knew who my anonymous reader is..... :)
      Thanks for the comment, we actually ate at Kelly's Tap House Bar & Grill, but we will take your recommendation and try Smokin Oak next time. So many choices, so it's good to have a recommendation. Do you suggest it for lunch???

    2. Anonymous7:29 PM

      My Wife and I have only been to the Smokin Oak for lunch, and it is so delicious. There is a huge spit rotating with chicken and pork roasts. The smell of the smoke is so inviting. The restaurant is relatively new, and very nice. It is next door to the AmericInn. A friend of mine,on KQRS Mornings, is a huge fan of the Smokin Oak. Tom has mentioned it several times on air about escaping on a weekend, traveling to Red Wing, and eating at the Smokin Oak. You are so right about all the choices in Red Wing to eat. So many good places. I read your blog frequently, and always enjoy it. Have a great weekend.

      Charlie "Anonymous"

    3. Thanks Charlie, Smoking Oaks will be our next place to have lunch while in Red Wing :) Thanks for your comments....feel free to stop by anytime :)

  2. Jackie, you underestimate your photography skills sometimes. I consider you an extremely gifted photographer. It's about those skills as much (and probably more) than the camera. Your eagle photos are sharp and tell a story. Win win.

    Thanks to Charlie for the Smokin Oak recommendation. That sounds like my kind of place, too.

    1. Thanks For your kind words Audrey :) Yes, I'm excited to try a new restaurant in the future :)

  3. I've been reading so much about the eagle population of late! So glad that the bird has made such a magnificent comeback! Your weather appears to be in dramatic "mood swings" as ours has, here in So. TX!!! The month just finished has been one that the locals are still talking about (for cold & freezing). Ugh!!!! Stay warm................

    1. -10 today, tomorrow 28 with 3 inches of snow forecasted. Not much snow but it's welcome to freshen things up here. Hope all is well in the south :)