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Monday, August 20, 2012

God's Country (Part one)

A couple times a year, my Dad and I take a road trip down memory lane
He calls it God's Country
Can you read the words on this shed?
So it's true... It is God's Country.

  Lanesboro, Harmony, Fountain, Mabel/Canton, Black Hammer,
HighLand, HenryTown, & Lenora are just a few of the towns we went through.
(and Dad had a story for each place we traveled through)

Farmland at it's best 
Lunch in Highland, I believe this was the only business in Highland 
Loved the vintage tables and chairs
(Dad is posing for me....good sport)


 HenryTown is where many of my Dad's relatives are buried
I took this photo, cuz I love the wooden sign, with the cornfield in the back.

The grass road that leads to what's left of my Great Grandpa Jen's farm
I love this path and what's at the end of it... 
...The old windmill.
My Dad actually lived at this farm for a couple years.

The Storlie School in Preble Township
(southeast Fillmore County)
 This School was bought by a family and restored to be a summer home.
The significance of this school is that my grandma and her mom attended this school.

 Our trip ended at the Creamery in Rushford, MN
If you've never been to this creamery, I highly recommend it!
They have a full menu but the ice cream was "to die for"

I think Dad's eyes were bigger then his belly
OH dad  :)
Stay tuned for part two of our trip to God's Country.
 I'll feature a pioneer church, other old beautiful churches and old cemeteries


  1. Love that you and Grampy went out for a ride to see the countryside. He's pretty great, that dad of yours. I love you both, quite a bit!


  2. You are giving me great ideas for places to visit in southeastern Minnesota. Where is Highland? I want to dine at that cafe. What would you recommend eating? You may need to email me specifics on directions to some of these out-of-the-way spots. Great photos, as always.

  3. Audrey, If you go to the website below and scroll down to Lanesboro (below Rochester) then magnify the map , you'll see Highland on Co rd. 10. You could either go down through Rushford or a round about way around Lanesboro. The map is pretty good. I"m adding a photo of the menu, they always have a "special" that might not be on the menu and I think the food is organic and mostly Vegan. They do have breakfast all day...that's what I had.

    Couldn't find your email address on your blog site? p.s. My next post will feature an old pioneer church in Lenora which is just south of Highland on Co Rd 10.

  4. Thanks for the additional info, Jackie. I actually googled the cafe last night and found the info I needed. I love the looks of this place. And I even saw an Amish family dining there in a photo posted on the website. I am so intrigued by the Amish. A friend told me about the church by Lenora sometime ago. Can't wait to see your photos. You are giving me just wonderful ideas.

    Sorry about the lack of email on my blog. I'll email my address to you.

  5. the old school turned to summer home is awesome! What a cool place. Would love to see inside.

    1. Me too Cheri, I tried, but they have curtains hanging. :(