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Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Celebrating soon-to-be number three...

There's a new baby coming and it wont be long now... 
My daughter hosted a baby shower for my her "sister", 
 Our son Brice and his wife Jennifer will welcome their little one in a few short weeks
 Brianna (my girl) was able to borrow dishes and burlap accents from friends and family
 and then put it together to make it her own. 

 Some of the aunties helped provide desserts

 It isn't a baby shower without the games....right?

My niece MJ, sampling the cream puffs

two more nieces of mine.... oh how they grow

My daughter and her special Aunt Susan
Susan made this very cool centerpiece, made from diapers, receiving blankets
 and other baby necessities

Handmade cross-stitched quilt made by my mom for her 5th great grandchild. 

 Jennifer's sister (left) came down from the cities 
and sis-in-love from town here.

"sisters" I love these two

Miss Audrey being the "helper"

Even the youngest one's came, 
my mom holding #3 & #4 great grandchildren.

These are exciting times for our family, 
cant wait to welcome #3 grandbaby to our family
I am giddy with excitement.....bear with me  :)


  1. I can hardly stand how excited I am!!!!! Thanks for YOUR help with the shower too :)

  2. I can't stand the wait. I love the little ones. Well the big grands too.

    1. You're such a good grandma....they all love you!!!

  3. Jackie, I am happy and excited for you, too. Another grandbaby to love. And what a beautiful baby shower for your sweet daughter-in-love.

    1. Thank you Audrey, they made their visit the the hospital last night, to get acquainted with where they will be having the baby.... It's getting real now :)

  4. Brie did a great job! Everything looks very nice.
    Are your bags packed and ready to skip town at a moment's notice? !!

    1. Luckily we will only have to travel to the cities....we will be playing it by ear and going with the flow. (and I will be crazy excited and giddy till I get my hands on that little one)

  5. So fun to anticipate a new life! Congrats all around:) Looks like a lovely shower thrown by Brianna!

    1. It's very exciting, we can't wait. :)