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Monday, August 06, 2012

Part-two of our weekend get-away


Sunday morning we lounged in the hotel then headed over to Denny's for Breakfast/Lunch
Rick wanted to check out a golf store he had seen while driving the night before
 Our trusty GPS got us there, some browsing was done, and golf balls were bought.
Then we went to do some serious shopping....
I love this mall in Roseville
It has some unique shops that were right down my alley
My favorite was called Brighton
It had hundreds of unique charms for my "pandora style" bracelet.
I browsed first then brought my dear husband in to show him my wish list...
Lets just say.... I wish no more !   ( and I'm spoiled)
Once I got home I added the new charms 
Rick says its like I'm wearing my biography
 On the way out, I hit-up Caribou for the ride home. 

I was a lovely, fun, relaxing weekend...We all need those from time to time.


  1. Fun, fun, fun and you are spoiled.:)

  2. I love Rick's creative observation that your bracelet is like wearing your auto biography. You are inspiring me to dig out the charm bracelet of my youth. Remember those?

  3. I love my charm bracelet ... I've had it since I was in 5th grade. Your's is very pretty! Never been to dat mall ... you'll have to take me sometime!

  4. Fun :) Love the picture of your bracelet, it's so pretty.