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Saturday, September 22, 2012


Happy first day of Fall

I long for this season all summer long, and today it is officially here.....

 A few trees around Rochester have already been painted by nature
 Tonight I will need to cover these guys

The first Freeze is knocking at our doors

 I will snuggle these guys up as well
Autumn Blessings!


  1. Maybe you can give your little fan a rest. LOL

  2. I forgot it was the 1st day of fall, yippee!

  3. These photos are lovely!

  4. Love the first scenic country shot and then the zinnias because that light is perfect. Fall is my favorite season, too, except for knowing that winter arrives next.

    1. Me and my hubby are heading up to Door County in Tuesday....hoping to see some pretty "colors". I love fall as well, but I also love winter, so I'm a happy girl :)

    2. It will be beautiful! Be sure to go to the State Park! This place has great breakfast: http://www.whitegullinn.com/
      This place has amazing french dip sandwiches (and other delicious food!) http://www.pubngrill.com/index.htm

    3. I need a color report on Door County as we will be heading there soon for a day as our second daughter lives in Appleton, only an hour drive away from Door County.

  5. Yeah Fall! There were some beautiful colors on Hwy 52 in Oronoco yesterday. It just warms my heart:)