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Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Giving Door County a try

Every Fall Rick and I talk a mini-vacation to the North shore near Lutsen, Mn
This year we decided to change it up and venture across Wisconsin to ...

We have never been there but heard a lot of good things 
so we decided to give it a go.
Sunrise this morning, a beautiful way to start the day
The "colors" driving across Wisconsin were amazing!!!

Destination.... Egg Harbor, Wi
Our place is called The Shallows Resort, 
We are in the motel, ground level and here's our view 
(well, a limited view from inside the room)

It's more like this when you step out...

The Dock out onto Lake Michigan

Out on the dock looking back towards the resort
Our patio...and my man!
Rick decided to take a little jaunt on the kayak

 The sun sets so fast, it had to come down through the clouds, 
then it was clear right before it disappeared into Lake Michigan
My guy

The resort has a basketball court, tennis court, and bikes....We took advantage of all three.
Stay tuned for more posts of our mini vacation.


  1. beautiful sunset photo!

  2. It was delightful :)

  3. Such amazing pictures! What a beautiful place! Looks perfect!

  4. Bags are almost packed. Hope the color holds for another week.

    1. They are about 50% - 75% now so you should hit them about peak I would think :)

  5. Looks very homey. Have fun.
    Sam's team win the soccor game 4 to 2.

  6. Looks amazing! Enjoy your time away:)