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Thursday, February 27, 2014

The long way home

Went to hang out with my mom today. She's still re-couping from hip surgery.
I took her to her appointment for a blood check then back to her house to "veg-out".
We had lunch, went through mail that had pilled up, I took out some food for supper,
 changed her bedding and loaded the dishwasher. 
When it was time to go I decided to take the long way home...  
in other words "road trip" 
 I was amazed at the huge piles of snow on the side of the gravel roads, but I shouldn't be surprised, 
we have definately had a plethora of snow this winter. 
As you can see the country roads were in good shape. 
There was only one I chose not to pursue.

Why had I never noticed this sweet little FARM STORE?
 It's sits at the cross roads of county rd 25 & county rd 3 in Salem corners (SW of Rochester) 
It looked to be open, I saw a light in the window, but no cars in the lot. 
I'm pretty sure this is the only business in this little township, Oh...and I did see a sign for a church that was down the road a bit. So there is a church a business a few homes and a town hall in Salem Corners.


  1. Sweet. Next time you'll have to stop at the farm store and show us around.

    Thanks for the "report" on your mom. I've been wondering how her recovery is progressing. She is blessed to have you there to assist.

  2. Ha, Audrey, you know me.... a big chicken to go into these kind of places, I need you with me to show me how it's done :) Yes, mom is doing pretty well, she's having a little trouble with her coumadin level, her bloods been a little thick. They are monitoring her pretty close until her levels are where they want it.

    1. We would be a great team. I'm typically not afraid to forge into a place and explore. Really, I'm sure whoever was inside the farm store would have welcomed you, your camera and your interest. Usually folks are more than happy to show you around and allow photos. I've only met one person, an antique store owner in western Wisconsin, who ordered me to delete all images I'd taken. Apparently he must have had something to hide? Anyway, I get into places most folks don't when I simply express a genuine interest.

      Ah, yes, the coumadin. I hope that levels out. Is her pain gone?

  3. Glad you and Gran had a good day :) Cute little store!

  4. I'm glad to hear that your Mom is feeling better Jackie. I love the all the color in these pictures. What a sweet little store. Have a great weekend!

    1. Thanks Rachel, she is doing good! If I was brave (like my friend Audrey) I would have gone into that store, but I was alone and I'm kind of a chicken.