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Friday, March 07, 2014

"Social Ice"

Social Ice is one of the winterfest activities that Rick and I frequent every year in downtown Rochester. It's also one of the few times that I personally bundle up with coat, scarf, boots and mittens. 
This year was especially cold so it was a short, but sweet visit.
Peace plaza, downtown

Ice sculptors spend several days in preparation for this event.
 I thought about going down to photograph the sculptors in progress, 
but it was even too below 0 for me!

It's fun to walk around the peace plaza and admire
 all the beautiful work done by these ice artists.

At the entrance 

 The Eiffel Tower, so intricate....how do they do this???

There are several ice bars maned by the local restaurants. 
The bartenders are out there in the sub below making drinks, and yes there were brave souls
 huddle'd around the outdoor heaters, drinking those drinks.
 I liked that this one had lemons frozen into the ice panels

a giant ice bottle of liquor

Kids were jumping on and off this ice dolphin 

Rick is not sitting on that ice bench because he needs to get off his feet...
He's just being a good sport for his picture takin' crazy wife.


  1. I had no idea Rochester did this. Are the sculptures still intact?

    What a sweet husband you have to pose for you. Mine also obliges my photo requests occasionally.

  2. Not sure if the sculptures are still intact. I'm sure the ice bars have been disassembled, but the small sculptures may still be around by the business's they represent. We got us some awesome husbands huh! Sitting on Ice benches wasn't even in the wedding vows :)

  3. Too cold for us this year. Our kiddos didn't even go downtown, which proves it was too cold! I think all the ice is gone now, but don't take my word for it.

    1. It was even too cold for me Cheri, but not cold enough to keep me away, even if it was a short stay :)

  4. Anonymous3:17 PM

    I used to think of DH and I as "hardy Midwesterners" but after this winter I'm rethinking this!!!! Lovely sculptures! Just the thought of being seated on an ice benches sends me into chills!!!!! 34F right now and lots of melting......that's a lot better (and I'm sure you will agree!!!! ) Hugs...............................

    1. You cant really see it but Rick is sitting on a blanket that is provided on the ice benches otherwise I wonder if he would have sat down. :)

  5. Fun times, but brrr! Maybe someday I'll go check it out :)

  6. I love ice sculptures! One of my best friends husbands makes them. He made an eiffel tower for her birthday. He made it sound so easy, but I won't be trying anytime soon. I can't believe it was so cold there this past weekend. We had some mild weather and today it is almost 50! I hope things are warming up for you guys. Looks like a fun time despite the weather.