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Wednesday, April 30, 2014

No waiting in line, good deals, and open 24/7...

As I've become more comfortable with the internet over the last few years, 
I've also gotten more comfortable with on-line shopping.
I have made many purchases, especially around Christmas time.
I have had only a few downfalls in my own internet shopping, both were easy fixes.
Oh I know, there are things that can go wrong, 
I've heard other peoples horror stories but I've not had a horror story....yet, 
and hopefully I never will.  
I've concocted a list of good things about shopping on-line...

*Good deals
*It's easy
*You have the ability to shop around for the best deal
 (in the comfort of your own home)
*Able to read reviews from other customers on the product your about to order
*availability...more products to offer
*Can almost always find what your looking for, that you cant find in stores
*no battling for a parking place
*You don't have to use the public bathrooms
*open 24/7
*avoid crowds
*more sizes, styles, inventory

Below I have listed a few of my favorite on-line stores
Toys R us
Barnes & Noble Book store
Musicians friend

Many of these sites have perks like free shipping if you spend "so much" (which isn't hard around Christmas time), and free returns if the size of something doesn't work out.

Shopping for adult children can be exhausting, this year my oldest son sent me a link to a winter vest he liked....SCORE, all I had to do is go to the link and order it for him, easy peasy!

I have a Nook so I buy my book on-line through Barnes and Noble. I'm a slow reader and have never liked borrowing from the library, I always feel rushed to finish the book, this way I can take my time and read at my leisure.

I order all my photo's and photo books from Shutterfly, It's so much nicer to sit in the comfort of my own home, take my time and edit as I go! Standing at those machines in Walmart is the worst thing ever to me, always a wait and someone's always standing there breathing down my back...wont do that anymore!

I've ordered many many shoes from Zappos, Love this site!  I'm not against supporting small business's in Rochester, the other day I went to buy some shoes for work but they didn't have the style or color I wanted so I ended up ordering from Zappo's ...I tried :/

I've used Priceline many times in our travels to get great deals on hotels and rental cars.

Found a Vintage popcorn popper on Ebay for our son....couldn't buy this one in stores.

With a Target Red Card, shipping is free and it comes fast.... so much more relaxing to shop at home.

Musicians friend....awesome deals, we have bought an electric keyboard, full drum set and a few guitars, free shipping on most orders.

Amazon.... well, you can find anything on amazon!

Most recent on-line purchases....

Work shoes from Zappos
When your on your feet all day, comfortable and supportive shoes are important
and yes, they can even be cute  :)

Birthday present for my grandson
Two babyshower gifts for grand #3
Cover for husbands new "tablet"
Photo book
Nook book

I'm sure on-line shopping isn't for everyone, it took me awhile to trust it, 
but once I did, I found that I love the ease of it and all the perks (listed above).  


  1. With each passing year grow to love and use online shopping more and more. I refuse (on most occasions) to pay anything ridiculous for shipping, but like you said, there tend to be deals here and there with shipping and the Red Card is awesome. I just bought Jenny's shower gifts from Target Online, %5 off, free shipping, no getting there and finding everything I need is gone, plus no shopping with kids! Love it! Cute shoes too!

    1. Definately so nice for moms with kids. I love target Red card.

    2. Amen to the shipping! I am all for shopping online if I can get free shipping:)

  2. Those shoes are going to make a lot of your patients smile.

    I've done minimal online shopping, mostly purchasing the computer/electronics stuff my son wants as gifts and about which I have not a clue. I tell him, "If you want it, send me the link." No way I could figure this out on my own.

  3. I was like you up until a few years ago. The more I do it the more I love it. If I would have purchased those shoes at the store in town I would only have had black or brown to choose from...boring!