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Friday, May 02, 2014

One year ago today.....do you remember?

Those of you that live in southeast Minnesota will probably never forget that spring day.
one year ago today on May 2, 2013
Depending on where you live you got 12" - 15" of fresh heavy snow.
I was IN-MY-GLORY  :)

The week before we had set up our deck, complete with awning, furniture and outdoor rug in preparation for our granddaughters birthday party, which was being held at our house.
Notice the green grass in the background and the sleeveless shirts.

Who would have thought...... a few days later we get this.
Sadly the metal frame that holds up the awing resembled a mini-metrodome. 
Luckily it wasn't too expensive to replace those metal pieces and restore my
 beloved gazebo to it's former state.

Winter wonder land... you cant deny it's beauty!

The plow finally came and 4 days later it looked like this....

Spring  :)

 Somehow my crocus's survived the weight of all that snow
~ ~ ~

Today cannot make up it's mind, rain... sunshine then this at 3:30 pm today....

Pea size hail.....gotta love a "Minnesota Spring"


  1. Minnesota is a mystery state.

  2. Oh, how well I remember that mighty snowfall of a year ago.

    1. Oh I bet you do remember it Audrey :)

  3. Audrey ran to tell me, "Mama, there's little balls jumping around in the grass!" It was the hail, haha. She never saw hail before! That snow last year was nuts. I remember getting Audrey all bundled up and we made a slide out of snow at the townhome and slid down it. And we cleaned off all the neighbor's cars for fun.

  4. "little balls jumping in the grass" ha ha.