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Monday, April 06, 2015

Baby photo shoot...

A couple weeks ago I posted about an impromptu visit we had with Rick's 2nd cousin (once removed) If you missed that post here it is Pure Sweetness


 the reason for the visit was to drop off a CD with photo's of their beautiful daughter Emma.
As always, I am humbled and honored to be asked to do a photo-shoot of anyone. 

Thought I would share a few since she's too stinkin' cute not to!

They had a few props in their home.....lots of stuffed animals 
 I told her mama that I'm not an indoor-kind of picture taker. 
My deal is... outside only!  
But she didn't seem too worried.
 I don't have all the fancy equipment, props, lighting, reflectors etc.

 so... I looked for angles that would benefit from the natural lighting from their windows

 Her hair "appears" red against this pale pink blanket.... 
I believe she'll be a toe-head like her two older sisters  :)

Her mamma brought out this scarf, the perfect prop,
I love the way this one turned out! 

Nothing better than baby toes!


  1. Absolutely beautiful Jackie. You have become a very gifted photographer.

    1. Thanks Julie, you are so kind :) Thanks for visiting my blog.... come back anytime :)

  2. Beautiful Jackie! Love the scarf pic too:)

    1. Thanks Jen, she sure is a cute little subject!.

  3. PS: Love your new background picture :)

    1. Thanks Brianna, It's the photo i was taking when my camera decided to die...ugh!

  4. Love! They turned out great Mom!

  5. Jackie, you seriously could go pro. Your portraits are technically great and capture this sweet baby's personality. No wonder you are being asked to take portraits.

    My favorite is image #2. There's a real personality emerging there and the lighting is perfect.

    And what's this about your camera dying?

    1. Aww thanks Audrey, #2 is my favorite too! It's a fun recreation passion that I have, for now that's all it is. I appreciate and value your comments, as you are such an awesome photographer! Yes my camera died last night, I'm sure you can feel my pain!