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Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Her heart bleed to this very day...

I have this amazing Bleeding Heart plant on the north side of my house. 
It was given to me by a friend  2 years ago and is thriving to "beat the band".
 I waited a couple of days before planting it and by the time
 I got it in the ground it was looking pretty sick. 
I really didn't think it would make it, but it proved me wrong! 
It's the 2nd time blooming for this guy who started out as a twig and it's grown into a beauty.
I love that it's called "Bleeding Heart
as it resembles a heart that, perhaps.... is dripping?

 It happens to be shaded by a corner of our deck, 
I think that's why it does so well where I planted it, right on the east edge of my "Shade garden" 
which also houses my Crocus', Lillies of the Valley, Jack and the Pulpits and Hosta's. 

The heart-shaped blossoms intrigue me, and the name of the plant made me want to know more, 
so I searched the internet to see what I  might find out about this unique flowering plant.

Here's what I learned.....
The heart-shaped flowers contain clues to a legend of long-ago-love.
Folklore and the Bleeding Heart Flower
Long ago there lived a noble prince who tried in vain to win the heart of a very beautiful princess. 
The prince had brought the princess wonderful gifts from his travels far and wide, 
yet she had taken no notice of him. One day the prince returned from a long journey
 with very special gifts to surely win the love of the princess....
(sorry for the poor quality photo, which really doesn't look like bunnies) 
First he presented her with two magical pink bunnies.
The Princess only sighed and barely looked at the little bunnies.
The hopeful prince had one more gift saved for last....

...he presented a pair (oops I only photographed one) of beautiful enchanted earrings.
Again, the princess hardly noticed the prince's gift. 
Now the poor prince was utterly heartbroken.
 He could try no more to win the heart of the princess... 

He rose up, pulled a dagger from his sheath and stabbed himself in the heart.

The princess was overcome by the dedication of the dying prince and his unending love for her. 
She realized too late that she loved him also. "Alas", she cried out. 
"I have done wrong, my own heart is broken also. 
I shall bleed for my prince forever more!"
Her heart bleeds to this very day



  1. That is a terribly said folk story! :( But, a very beautiful flower! Pretty pictures too :)

    1. Good thing it's just a story huh brie!

  2. A lovely story , but also sad.

    1. I didnt like the princess at all in this fable, spoiled brat....look what she made him do :(

  3. We have three bleeding hearts too, but I think they get too much sun because our leaves look much more yellow than others I've seen around. They still grow well, but yellow leaves???

    1. Hummmm, yellow leaves huh?, I'm heading to a nursery today if I think Of it I'll ask if they know why?

    2. We researched more online and realized that we have a golden version of the bleeding heart that has more yellow leaves:)

  4. I shall never again think of a bleeding heart in quite the same way. I have two lovely bleeding hearts in my backyard.

    1. Those crazy folklore stories :) I too shall never look at mine the same :)

  5. My word!!!! Fairy tales/folklore is definitely not for the feint of heart!!!!! I love those flowers but have yet to plant a bush. Yours are lovely!!!!!!

    1. Thanks Doreen, I love the beauty of this bush despite the tragic end of the lovestruck prince :)