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Friday, May 15, 2015

I love to hear the "stories"...

The older I get the more I enjoy learning about my parents and their childhoods. 
I want details on where they lived, life on the farm, what schools they went to
 and what they did for fun.

 I love hearing stories about distant family members, some I've met briefly (maybe once) 
some I've never met, but I still love hearing the stories!

At least once a year I go road-trippin with my mom, and then my dad. 
Both grew up on farms, mom near West Concord, dad near Mabel-Canton.
I have fond memories of playing at Grandma's farm in West Concord. 
Sadly I never met my Grandpa Lee, ( he died before I was born)
 My mom speaks fondly of her dad, I think she was his favorite :) 

 Wednesday, mom and I left Rochester for our annual flower-buying trip. 
This year it was to Donahue's in Fairbault.
 I love to get off the main roads and travel "off the beaten path" country roads. 
As we drove along I got a play-by-play of who lived at the farms we passed 
on the way from West Concord to Kenyon.

As we came up to this farmstead mom casually says, "There's the farm where I lived off and on before I went to school, I spent a lot of time with my aunt and uncle, May & Grover".
I said, "WHAT!!!, this farm right here". 
So I slowed way down to gawk, it was then we saw my mom's 
95 year old cousin Bob out on his riding lawn mower.

We pulled in the driveway and Bob stopped the mower to greet us. 
He knew my mom right away.
 I had met Bob many years ago at a family reunion,
 I don't think he remembered me, but I knew him.
My grandpa Lee and Bob's mom Edna were sister's, the other sister May, was the one my mom lived with when they owned this farm. Bob has lived here for many years ( his wife died years ago).
He was quick to invite us in... I was thrilled to say the least! 

One of the first things I noticed was the string of Christmas card still hanging on the wall,
obviously they mean a lot to him.

A copy of the first tractor Bob owned (courtesy of his son)

My mom points out the window toward the silo about 100 yards from the farm house.
She tell the story of standing at this very window as a little girl,
 watching the silo fall towards the house during a bad storm. 

 Bob points to old photo's of family members that adorned his walls.

My favorite part of the visit..... sitting with Bob (my first cousin, once-removed)
hearing stories about my grandpa Lee and great-grandpa John
Bob thought highly of his Uncle Lee (my grandpa)

 Bob is the oldest cousin, Mom more than 20 years younger  :)

 Saying good bye...  Such a neat man, I could have sat with him all day,
oh the stories he could tell.

The Farm, with the rebuilt silo 

The empty corn crib, overgrown with vines.

Tell me. 
Do you have those folks in your life that you just want to sit with and hear the stories....


  1. I am so glad you enjoyed the visit so much. He can tell a lot of stories from the past. I think I hear new ones every time I talk to him.

    1. You could tell he would have talked all day if we let him :)

  2. I love Uncle Bob! He is the epitome of a MN farmer for me in his striped bib-overalls (makes me think of my grandpa). How cool that you got to stop by!

    1. He's actually my 1st cousin once removed, but I know he's an uncle to some other peeps :) I loved the bibs as well Jen, and his heavy knit sweater that he wore over them.

  3. What a great day! Love the pictures and hearing about how you got to hang out with Bob and remember times that Gran was at that farm. I'm sure it was such a joy for him to get to tell some of his stories!

    1. It was so cool Brie to hear him talk about my Grandpa, I learned some neat things. :)

  4. Oh, Jackie, I am giddy with happiness for you and your mom. What a visit. I like how you noticed the details of the Christmas cards. And I noticed that vintage lamp with the lovely shade. Wonderful photos to be treasured. You have told a touching story here in images and words. Your mom, and Bob, will long remember this impromptu stop.

    1. I was just so surprised to drive into this treasure of extended family. Bob is such a great historian for my mom's side of the family, smart as a whip for being 95 years old. For some reason when I took that shot of the Christmas cards, I thought of you..... hummmm, maybe it was the attention to detail that we both like :)