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Monday, October 12, 2015

A beautiful day for a Birthday...

His mom talks about the day he was born, October 11, 1958....
 It was a HOT October day, sunny and 80+ degrees. 

57 years later, a carbon copy of that day, 
Sunday October 11, 2015... a beautiful day to celebrate his birthday. 

Rick was right where he wanted to be on his birthday this year, 
at the cabin, one last time for this season.

To start the day I made Rick a yummy egg, sausage & toast breakfast.
 Then we were off to enjoy the Sunday services at our "Up North" church.
After church we decided to head to Walker, MN for a little drive 
and to eat lunch at one of Rick's favorite places .... Hardee's
Along the way we took-in the beautiful colors of fall that lined the hi-way.

We weren't gone long because we wanted to have time to enjoy the afternoon at the cabin... 
(the last day before we closed it up for the season).

Here's my guy coming back from a very long kayak cruise on Long Lake.

 Just us, no particular reason

Today, Rick and I spent about 3 hours "putting the cabin to sleep".
 Rick worked on draining the hot water heater, water softener and blowing out the water lines. 
He also put the deck furniture away, got the boat situated in the garage and 
poured RV anti-feeze in the drains and washing machine....don't ask, that just what you do! 

I washed a load of sheets and towels, cleaned a little bit, packed and collected all the things that needed to come home with us. Then I helped Rick with a few last things to do.

Until next year.... sleep well little cabin on the lake


  1. It was a beautiful weekend to put the cabin to sleep. Good job guys.

    1. Oh yes it was, thanks mom....we did it!!!

  2. Happy birthday to Rick. I love that shot of him on the lake, Jackie. You need to print and frame that one.

    What a lovely cabin and location. So happy for you and I love the "just because" pic.

  3. It sounds like a wonderful Birthday! I didn't realize how much work it is to close up a cabin. I'm glad you were able to go up one last time and enjoy it. I love the photo of the two of you in front of the cabin. Now, we just wait for your favorite...snow. :)