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Saturday, October 17, 2015

Fall Drive with Dad: Part 1

 On Wednesday, Dad and I headed down south of Rochester for our annual fall road trip. 
We always travel to the extreme south east corner of MN, dad calls it God's country. 
It doesn't matter how many times we do this.... 
I ALWAYS see something I haven't seen before or hear a story from dad that I've never heard.

I needed to break this road trip into two parts, cuz well....
 there's just so much to talk about.
It's fall so we got the "colors"
It's not prime in SE minnesota yet but there was  
pops of colors, everywhere we looked.

and of course the harvest.... lots of farmers in their fields
I just get all giddy when I'm this close to the action.

 I just loved this beautiful farm,  
Country eye-candy

Does anyone else notice the fence posts?

I had to walk in this corn field, 
it's in the very field that my Grandpa Erickson farmed many years ago.

 then there's this...a field full of hay rolls.
The farmers have been busy!

We stopped in Spring Grove for lunch
a very cute small town, famous for their

 My dad is full-blooded Norsky, so I just had to talk this picture of him under this sign.

 We ate here, great food, lovely small town venue and 
awesome hand-scooped ice cream!

Bonus photo:
Just a glimpse of one of the long, down hill, curvy roads my dad walked to get to school. 
This 2 mile walk can't be captured in a photo, but the thing that amazes me the most is that dad and all the other neighbor kids, had to walk back up it again at the end of the day. CRAZY!

Stop back in a day or two to read more about our fall road trip.


  1. Jackie!!! I live 18 miles from Spring Grove (will be going there tomorrow for quilt guild meeting)!! Next time swing by....I would love to make a cuppa for you (both!!!!). Keep those photos coming.......our bean fields are cleared, the corn is in process. Fall is here!!!!!!!!

  2. I thought of you Doreen, I forget where you live... Is it Black hammer? We really need to sit down together, that would be so great!

  3. Jackie, I'd strongly encourage you to visit Doreen. We were there on Friday. You would have a great time.

    I really enjoyed this post. I notice fence posts. Yes, I do.

    I love how you have this special time with your dad each year to revisit the places of his youth, to hear his stories and to celebrate the season.

  4. I knew you would notice fence posts (we're the same like that) It's always a good time reminiscing with dad!

  5. Jackie, how special that you and your Dad take this annual road trip. Your Dad is adorable and the little town seems so charming. I love main streets. For some reason this fall seems more beautiful than ever. I'm so glad that you have been able to enjoy it. Thanks for sharing your trip with us.

    1. Thanks Rachel, you're right this fall has been so good to us. I actually feel like we had one!!! Stay tuned for part 2...hopefully soon!

  6. Love love love the pictures. It's so cool that you and Gpa do this!