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Wednesday, February 22, 2017

It's not acting like winter...

Seems like all the talk this week has been about the weather here in Minnesota. 
It's legitimate talk with it being February and having 6 days in a row of Temperatures in the 50's!
After all it is still WINTER, but it's not acting like it.

Today we are projected to reach temperatures near 60 degrees again,
 these April-like temps have lifted the spirits of some folks 
who we might say were experiencing the  doldrums of winter.  

This winter-loving girl is appreciating the mild temperatures this week, but feeling a big robbed of my 2nd favorite season of the year.  I am embracing what it is regardless of the month and have been wearing my Capri's and flip-flops to celebrate the balmy weather.
  The windows have been open, and today my clothes are hanging out. 

This weekend predicts a return to winter  :)
There is accumulating amounts of snow forecasted on Friday....we'll see? 
My guess is a dusting to 2 inches.... I hope I'm wrong.

We have also enjoyed some time outside with our Rochester grandkids...
playing chalk on the driveway

Social ice on Friday with these two
 (poor quality phone pic)

and we cherish picture of the Twin Cities grands until our next visit.
 My Daughter-in-love Jen, and sweet little Lewin, 
out getting some fresh air.

 Scarlett, splashing in the puddles

Hope you are enjoying this nice stretch of beautiful days in February.


  1. Way to embrace the warmth with windows, clothes on the line, flip flops! I am too! I think you are going to get a nice dose of snow on Friday! (I'll bet school is cancelled too) :) Enjoy it! I'll be in Cincinnati!

    1. It's kind of the best of both worlds when we get a warm spot in February....Just in time for your Birthday :) Have a great time in Cinci!!!

  2. Way to enjoy it the best you can! I was wondering if school will be cancelled on a Friday!

    1. :) I have to see the snow before I believe it. It would be fun for the kids :)

  3. I have had laundry on the line multiple times also during this warm spell. Love all the time you are spending outdoors with your Rochester grandkids. And, yes, grandmas are so appreciative of photos when they can't see the grandbabies.

    Sounds like you will get winter back on Thursday into Friday.

    1. I'm so glad we now share the whole Grandma thing too, you soooo get it!!! I'm hoping for some snow but won't believe it till I see it. :)

  4. Oh, I believe the snow is a comin', Jackie.