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Tuesday, February 14, 2017

Without action, it is merely a word.....Love

It's Valentine's Day and it's all about Love, right?
How do you define love?

As I have grown older (not old), I have learned that LOVE is really a verb.
 It's not only the things we give each other, it's not even just the words we say, 
but it's mostly the things you do for each other that truly represent love
I'm still learning...and working on it.

"I LOVE YOU"  three nice little words, that have no meaning with out the verbage. 

So next time you say, "I love you", and yes....say it often but back it with action,
show that person you love them by...
*spending time with them even when you want to do your thing
*being intentional and sacrificial in your time spent with those you love
*doing a chore they despise
*men, open the door for your wife
*ladies, give your guy a back rub when they least expect it
*ask, "how are you"....then listen
*respect each others opinions.... guess what you may not always be right
*thank each other for the little things.
*go somewhere that you know your spouse really wants to go, even though  you might not want to
*plan a date and surprise the other one (take care of the details)
*put your phones down, this one is a big one!!! Who would you rather spend your time with, your phone, or the one you love?....Prove it! 

I will make my Husband a Valentine's dinner tonight, 
then we will sit in the comfort of our our home and watch a movie of his choosing,
because I knows he likes to do that, and I love him! 
Love is a verb


  1. You are so right. We must back that "I love you" with action.

    We, too, spent our Valentine's Day evening at home. I pulled out one of my vintage tablecloths, lit candles and then went to the basement for a bottle of wine for supper. None. But then Randy walked in the door with a bottle of wine, after stopping on his way home from work. How's that for thinking alike after almost 35 years of marriage?

    1. Randy saved the day... sounds like a perfect kind of valentines day.

  2. It was wonderful.

    I forgot to tell you that I love your heart chalk art. Yours or Audreys?

    1. Thanks, those are my hearts and just off the photo are Carson's sweet hearts, wish I would have included his :)